Hey, happy October 2016, you guys! Is Matt Drudge doing OK today?

Oh, yeah, this was on Glenn Beck’s site, like, months ago.

Bill Clinton reportedly had an affair with a prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her name is Bobbie Ann Williams, and she – along with her family – have passed multiple lie-dictator tests when asked if Clinton is the father of her illegitimate son Danny.

Buddy Young, a former Arkansas State Trooper, has admitted that in 1983, he drove Clinton and Bobbie to her mother’s home near Hot Springs for an extended, intimate visit while the mother was out-of-town. Both were paid $400 each, plus a $50 tip.

What makes the story so compelling is, the Danny also looks like Bill!

Or you may have seen this story getting the Rush & Molloy treatment in the New York Daily News of January 1999:

The 13-year-old son of a former Arkansas prostitute has reportedly undergone DNA testing to see if his father is President Bill Clinton. Star Magazine reporter Richard Gooding tells us that Little Rock Teen Danny Williams is cooperating with the tabloid to find out if he was conceived during an alleged paid sex encounter between Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams when she was a hooker. Gooding, who in 1996 broke the news of Clinton adviser Dick Morris’ relationship with a prostitute, says Danny Williams’ test results are expected next week. Gooding emphasizes that if the results don’t match Clinton’s, “there’s no story.”

The funny thing about this whole story is that it was the Drudge Report that put it to bed back in 1999:

Earlier this year, The Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi made an attempt to re-report this story, just to see if it could be done. It ended with a lot of people not returning a lot of promised calls. But along the way, Nuzzi had a conversation about this story with Clinton conspiracy hound Robert Morrow:

In February, I sat down in Des Moines with Morrow, who admitted he had never met Danney, to talk about the story. “They made it up!” he said of Star magazine’s DNA test. “It’s Clinton-disinfo. It’s a planted story—a fake planted story. There was no DNA test. Prove it! Where? Danney don’t know about it. Star magazine didn’t know about. Stone talks to the current people who own those magazines [and] they say, ‘what are you talking about?’”

That accounts for the incredulous “THERE WAS NO DNA TEST?” in Drudge’s headline. So, perhaps he is just now catching up with the May 2016 offerings at The Daily Beast. Or maybe this story of parental neglect is Drudge’s way of communicating with the Clinton campaign, which used to be more present in the newsman’s life. As the New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg reported back in October 2007, Clinton and Drudge used to have a bit of synergy going:

Mrs. Clinton’s aides declined to discuss how the Drudge Report got access to her latest fund-raising figures nearly 20 minutes before the official announcement went to supporters. But it was a prime example of a development that has surprised much of the political world: Mrs. Clinton is learning to play nice with the Drudge Report and the powerful, elusive and conservative-leaning man behind it.


That people in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign orbit would tip off the Drudge Report to its fund-raising numbers is in part a reflection of her pragmatic approach to dealing with potential enemies, like Newt Gingrich or Rupert Murdoch. But it also speaks to the enduring power of the Drudge Report, which mixes original reporting with links to newspaper, Internet or television reports far and wide.

Is this a way of Drudge telling Clinton, “You never call, you never write?” Perhaps someone from her team should just check in with him, and make sure he’s doing OK.

In case you were wondering, Drudge “may be more powerful now than ever before,” according to Chris Cillizza, who every four years writes a column about how Drudge is really powerful. In the 2015 edition, Cillizza wrote:

All of the Republican campaigns (and maybe even the Clinton campaign) will fear him — and have a strategy on how to deal with him. That, in my book, is real influence. And Drudge has it.

Drudge has it!

I’ve been meaning to talk to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker about this, but he’s been way too busy running for president as the GOP’s nominee. I’ll catch up with him once he’s in the White House.

One thing’s for sure, you never know what the wily newsman is going to do next!

Then again, maybe we do.


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