Despite a request to extend Florida’s deadline for voter registration by a week because of Hurricane Matthew from Democrats this week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he wouldn’t make any accommodations due to the storm. It would seem logical to anyone who would want the largest voter turnout possible for the November elections that since a storm prevented people to register to vote by the deadline, that any freedom-loving governor would certainly extend that deadline.

Yet Florida Governor Rick Scott denied the request, saying that ‘Florida residents have had ample time to register and find a way to vote.’ Wow, governor, are you suggesting they should have ignored your pleas to stay out of harm’s way during the storm, in order to find a way to register to vote (although of course the registration locations were not open)?

It took an order on Monday by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Walker to extend its registration deadline by one day! Florida’s original voter registration deadline was set for Tuesday. The judge had this to say about his reasoning:

“It has been suggested that the issue of extending the voter registration deadline is about politics. Poppycock. This case is about the right of aspiring eligible voters to register and to have their votes counted. Nothing could be more fundamental to our democracy,”

We all know what Rick Scott is really afraid of–he only wants ‘certain people’ to be able to vote.