Bill Maher picked a fight with all the country’s undecided voters on Friday.

The “Real Time” host questioned how it was even possible that there’d been “no breaking point” for those still considering voting for the GOP’s presidential candidate Donald Trump on Nov. 8.

“For me, the great sadness is knowing that even if Trump doesn’t become president, we live in a country where half the people think he should be,” the comedian said.

He then launched into a lengthy monologue, in which he laid out just some of the issues Trump has created ― but which still won’t apparently deter people from casting their ballots for him next month.

“Trump saying he would kill the children of terrorists with drone strikes, physically throwing out 12 million Mexicans, banning all Muslims, giving Saudi Arabia nukes, running a scam university, cheating veterans out of charity money, not paying taxes, picking Putin as his favorite leader, not being able to let go of a feud for a whole week with a beauty queen, the impressions of the handicapped, nothing?!?” Maher asked.

The comedian later claimed to know the real reason as to why the brash businessman would win at least 20 states, despite his repugnant actions and comments before and throughout the campaign. “A full 80 percent (of Americans) think Ramadan is those noodles college kids eat,” Maher quipped, in reference to what he’s previously called a “stupid country.”

Check it out in the clip above.