Growing up, my parents always told me to tell the truth – no matter what. I took that advice to heart and even voted Republican once out of college because my parents also told me that Republicans believe in telling the truth and taking responsibility for their own actions. They also instilled in me the idea that Republicans are the party of business and personal success and that was all I needed to hear: Republican it was.

I also had a strange desire to be rich, famous, and even own a skyscraper someday, so it shouldn’t be surprising, then, that while I have a short attention span, I was able to read The Art of the Deal in one day. I soaked in every word of the book the way a sponge soaks up water. I wanted to know every detail. To this day, I still remember the passage where Trump tells his daughter Ivanka, as they proceeded down Fifth Avenue in New York, pointing to a panhandler on the street, that the ‘bum’ had more money than did her father at the time. Great stuff.

In my view, then, all Trump touched became gold, from the gleaming towers to the elaborate chairs so beautifully gilded in his incredible penthouse on fifth avenue.

Wow, how things have changed. Donald Trump should have stuck to what he does best: boast about all of his gold. But unfortunately for Trump, his family and his ‘brand’ his non-stop talk of how America is diseased and distressed because of all of these ‘foreigners,’ he has turned every bit of that gleaming Trump gold into absolute garbage.