Oh, how times are changing, and it is about time. Donald Trump, Republican nominee for president, called Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton a ‘nasty woman’ during the third and final presidential debate. Nasty? Well, Janet Jackson would likely say that nasty is the new powerful. But let’s face it, men like Trump, who are used to getting their way by bullying women and anyone else who doesn’t agree with them, for that matter, think that powerful women are ‘nasty.’ Cause they don’t like the idea that a woman could take away their power.

Welcome to 2016, when the tables have been turned on men like Trump. Senator Elizabeth Warren put it best during a Clinton campaign rally:

“Get this Donald: Nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart and nasty women vote.”

I for one, a male, think it is about time that ‘nasty women’ take control of our country’s nasty situation and fix all the things nasty men like Trump have screwed up.