It’s kind of a ‘giveaway’ that when men with power who publicly shame women who have been abused by men, that these ‘powerful’ men feel inadequate in some way.

Why on earth, would the FBI Director, James Comey announce a week before the U.S. presidential election that he has… Wait for it, a laptop that one of presidential and female candidate Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser’s husband used to ‘sext’ supposedly under-aged women? Yes, apparently this has some relevance to the candidacy of Clinton herself.

Or, in a similar vain, why would Donald Trump, Clinton’s opponent, think it appropriate or relevant, for that matter, to have women who’ve accused her husband of making unwanted advances at them decades ago sit in a front row of the second presidential debate?

Here is why: Many powerful men have obviously become accustomed to treating women like objects and acting as though, in some way, they are not as powerful or deserving of respect as men are. Guess what? It’s all about to change, and if I was one of these men, I would be running in the other direction, and fast.