Alex Wong/Getty Images

Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, made over $100 million by exploiting America’s biggest and most deadly terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. He did so by playing up his role, as he so often put it, as ‘America’s mayor.’ Hmmm, you mean the same ‘mayor’ who thought that if a black person walked across the street with a funny look on his or her face, that his police department was authorized to ‘stop and frisk’ that otherwise innocent person?

And now, this scum of a human is selling what is left of his ‘soul’ to gain a position in a potential Trump presidential cabinet. He has said and done things, like claiming he is ‘in’ with the FBI to get Hillary Clinton in jail, just so he can save his lousy reputation and plant his face right on the rear of Donald Trump. Good luck with that.