To say the upcoming presidential election is pivotal in American history would be the understatement of America’s history. When you really think about the two only choices for President of the United States (let’s be real here, third and fourth parties just don’t have a chance of winning, at least not in our current environment), Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump, we must decide what we really believe America to be.

Is America the land of the free and a place for immigrants to renew their lives and contribute to that ‘Shining City on the Hill?’ Or is America locked down from further immigration, where anyone who seeks shelter from an oppressive government will be turned away, only to face a life of despair and uncertainty?

Is America a place where minorities, including Latinos, African-Americans and members of the LGBT community are not only accepted, but have the same rights and chances for making a better life as everyone else?

I know what my America is, but on Tuesday, we will all find out what we, as a society, are really all about.