Seriously Comey? Not just a little over a week ago, you injected yourself and the F.B.I. into the United States presidential election, by claiming you had new e-mails related to Hillary Clinton and her aides, and you needed time to review them–usually that means months or years when it comes to such high-level investigations. Yet today, just two days before the presidential election and a little over a week from your last bombshell of an announcement, you tell us the Hillary Clinton e-mail case is now closed.

WOW! That was fast.

Here is what the L.A. Times had to say about it today:

“The FBI’s much-trumpeted new scrutiny of emails related to Hillary Clinton has turned up nothing that would cause the bureau to recommend charges against her, the bureau’s director, James B. Comey, has told Congress.

Nine days after rocking the presidential race with word that a new trove of emails had been discovered, Comey sent a brief letter to Capitol Hill that, in effect, put an end to the renewed controversy.”

Forget about who becomes the next President of the United States, if we can’t even trust the integrity of the F.B.I., we cannot feel comfortable about the foundation of democracy in the United States, a country founded on the basis and rule of law and freedom.