I really believe that Tuesday’s election is ‘in the bag’ for Hillary Clinton. I don’t think that because I believe that Trump is right and the election is ‘rigged,’ I believe that because I see a pattern of where America is going.

America has always been a place where good, decent and hardworking people have always found a new start and a place to call their own. White, black, Latino, Middle Eastern, Asian: those labels have meant nothing, as long as these new Americans truly wanted to help make America even greater. As much as white men with inherited power, like Donald Trump has, have been favored in our business and societal communities, the tide has changed against entitled people, toward hard-working people for quite and while and the old guard is seeing this and getting scared.

Who ever would have thought a black man would become President of the United States in 2008? When that did happen, boy did the floodgates of racism open up wide. Now, we are about to witness the election of the first female American president. Let’s all get ready for a new flood, that of men that just can’t stand the fact that the deck is no longer stacked in their favor.