Did America just elect Trump as president because they just don’t want to pay taxes? Probably. He hasn’t in decades and they figure if the ‘boss’ doesn’t have to pay taxes, then why should they?

Nobody wants to pay taxes, but there is that pesky problem that occurs when people don’t: roads, bridges (like the one Chris Christie cut off) and highways start to crumble, and because Congress has been blocking our black president from getting them fixed, they are crumbling to no end. And hey, what couldn’t be better than having a president who doesn’t pay taxes, and who won’t make you pay taxes either, and claims it’s all going to be great.

Here is what is wrong with that idea: I just took a picture of a major road in a major city of America, and I found nothing but garbage, ripped–up lottery tickets that lost and empty beer cans on the side of the road. America has become nothing but a country of takers who think they can keep taking until there is nothing left to take.

They could be right.