Matt Ralston put it best about America’s new ‘First Lady:’

Melania Trump used to be a hooker, I know this from firsthand experience. She is denying this.

It’s already been proven that Melania Trump is a liar. She lied about having graduated from college, which was a laughable claim as if models know how to read. She also plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech and lied about it.

The most shocking detriment to her character is that she apparently voluntarily has sex with Donald Trump and they produced a child as a result, which is absolutely horrifying.

It’s recently been reported that she once worked as a prostitute and her lawyer is threatening to sue several publications making this claim for defamation including, DailyMail, The Week, Politico, Inquisitor, Liberal America, Bipartisan Report, and others.

But they can’t sue me, because I don’t have an office and they don’t know where I live.

I guess isn’t looking to be great as much as it is looking to be like a ‘model.’