My trip to the poll site was the saddest ever. Perhaps, from years of family political involvement that extended into my life as an adult, I am one who gets very much caught up in campaign season excitement — especially during presidential races. This time, (impossible, but) I mostly just tried to ignore it; disheartened that the system was so incredibly broken that this was all it had to offer.

After Bernie was pushed out of the primary, the wind deserted my sails. Alas, I was going to vote for “her” as the alternative was unthinkable.

Well, here we are, in the age of the unthinkable. The fact that Donald Trump will be our next president speaks volumes about our society. Throughout his campaign we saw him denigrate women and minorities, mock the handicap, the military, and war veterans. Early on, he told us he could stand in the middle of Times Square and shoot someone and still be elected president. I suppose he proved himself right.

Notwithstanding the hate that he unleashed in forgotten, under-served and under-educated (white) communities across America, the major take-away from this election is that we were a society so hungry for change, and so fed up with government and establishment, that we were willing to take anything as a substitute. When the DNC pushed out its viable anti-establishment candidate, that left nothing but politics as usual on the other side, followed by scores of disenfranchised would-be Democratic voters… then, Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

The reasons why Trump won the presidency are manifold, but the bottom line is that America is bored to death with politics as usual… at any cost.






















Images from various Trump campaign rallies and post-election protests.