The man who makes his living from the government by doing nothing at a base salary of $193,400/year thinks business in America is not doing well because too many Americans feel “they’re doing too good with food stamps, Social Security and all the rest.” McConnell would definitely know a thing or two about that.

McConnell’s penchant for intended laziness is well documented, starting with this infamous moment, as documented below, when he committed to making his main goal for two years the assurance that President Obama not win a second term (which, of course, he didn’t accomplish) – watch below:

Mitch McConnell argued that the Zika bill needs to have unrelated items attached to it — in this case targeting Planned Parenthood, preserving the Confederate flag and other items — because that’s how legislation passes.

But McConnell is worse than a ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate Leader, his focus on nothing but politics can be directly attributed to the lack of approval for the funding requested by the White House needed to battle the fast-moving Zika virus. McConnell was recently asked about whether or not Congress would be able to approve that funding, and his response was that perhaps it could be, after Congress comes back from vacation, “after Labor Day.”