WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump relentlessly bashed the media during his campaign. But now he’s just a couple of months away from the White House, a Trump spokesperson insists that he’s starting anew with the reporters that covered him.

Hope Hicks told The New York Times that Trump would follow “standard press protocols that are in place now, the traditions,” and he saw his election as a chance for a “a fresh start” with the media.

The spokesperson’s comment came after Trump broke with tradition last week during a White House visit and didn’t travel with a protective pool. On Tuesday, he tried to slip out of Trump Tower to get dinner at the 21 Club in New York City without the reporters assigned to cover him.

Since winning the election, Trump has also continued to bash the media using his Twitter account. And he seems to have a particular obsession with the Times, which he has also pledged to sue.

Seems like a fresh start indeed.