Donald Trump with his sons Donald Trump Jr., from left, Eric Trump, his wife Melania Trump and his daughters Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump at hotel opening and combined campaign event (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Americans need to face the obvious and do something about it–before we get too far into this.

Even if we ignore the proof provided before the election that Donald Trump has been defrauding and abusing people most of his life, in just his first week as president-elect, alarming signs he will continue to do so as president abound. Before we get into that, however, we must not forget that he actually defrauded voters, by making promises prior to the election and then seeming to forget all about them, now that he has gotten what he wanted from them.

No doubt Trump is a master of showmanship, diversion and obfuscation–as are all great con men–and he knows well that by throwing out conflicting statements left and right, night and day, people get confused and find it impossible to hold him accountable for anything. Gold Star for that, Mr. Trump.

But as we take a little time to clear the smoke and look at the facts, we see a clear picture–not of a public servant who wants to make the country a better place for all of us, but rather a greedy and selfish abuser who wants to use the country to make it a better place for him and his family. As reported by The Washington Post on the matter on November 11, 2016:

Donald Trump’s decision to leave his children in control of his fortune during his presidency was already an unusual and eyebrow-raising setup. And on Friday, it became even more so.

A day after Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, announced that Trump’s three oldest children — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric — would control what he labeled a “blind trust” for the president-elect, the Trump campaign announced Friday afternoon that all three would also serve on Trump’s presidential transition team executive committee.

In that role, the trio will have input when it comes to the people Trump picks for key administration posts.

Watchdogs who were critical of Trump’s “blind trust” in the first place say this proves that the lines between President Trump and his money will be too fuzzy under this setup.

“The fact that they have been included as part of the transition team just shows how inappropriate their role in bridging the gap between him as a businessman and politician is,” said Meredith McGehee, a strategic adviser at the Campaign Legal Center. “It’s a clear demonstration that there is no firewall between the two.”

But it is not just the abuse of standard rules of practice for presidents that is dangerous, it’s also his blatant lying and deception that is equally disturbing. Just yesterday, he lied on Twitter about being responsible for convincing Ford Motor Co. to not move a plant out of Kentucky, when they were never planning to do so in the first place. There are so many such examples of Trump’s lies and deceit that it is impossible to try and catalogue them all. In fact, I think the press really needs to step up here and remember that if they highlight one lie at a time, perhaps we can finally get all of America to understand we made a colossal mistake on November 8, 2016.