Jane Fonda and Shailene Woodley will help serve around 500 Thanksgiving meals to people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock on Thursday, The Associated Press reports.

The Dakota Dispatch reports the actresses, who will be among a delegation of 50 people from around the United States brought together by author Judy Wicks, will serve a Wopila Feast to the protestors ― who call themselves “water protectors” ― to thank them for their bravery in fighting to defend the land.

Fonda, a political activist, has been posting stories about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests on social media. Just last week, she shared a link to a short film about the Sioux tribe’s fight and urged her followers to watch.

Meanwhile, Woodley has spent plenty of time with the people at Standing Rock, and was arrested with 26 other protestors back in October. The actress has been vocal about her opposition to the DAPL, speaking out about it during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

On Wednesday, “The Descendants” actress shared a photo taken Sunday night on the frontlines, “where water protectors were met with water cannons, bean bag bullets, rubber bullets, tear gas, and mace,” she wrote. 

Woodley, joined by her friend and fellow actress Nikki Reed, also took part in a panel discussion with other women standing in solidarity with the Sioux tribe, which was shared on Facebook Live Wednesday.

“I ask that everyone who’s paid attention to this movement really takes a step back, and outside of the celebrity involvement, outside of all the hype surrounding Standing Rock, this is a movement that was led by youth and led by women and is just about protecting clean water and healing,” Woodley said in the discussion.