So those who voted for Donald Trump for president have had to endure one broken promise after another, and he won’t even be president for almost two months. But I think today they hit their limit with his lies and deception.

They were OK with the fact that he isn’t going to build a wall, or ban all Muslims, or put Hillary Clinton in jail. But today, he ‘disavowed’ the white supremacists who yelled ‘hail Trump’ at their gathering. See, that is a problem. It’s a problem, because most of those who voted for Trump really just care about one thing: they hate black people and they thought he did too.

But the even bigger problem here is that a man, Donald Trump, lied his way into the White House. At some point, America, we must start giving value to facts and the truth, otherwise nothing means anything. And believe me, the idea that Donald Trump, serial abuser and compulsive liar, is our next president should cause all of us to reflect on what we just did.