While other foreign powers were fretting about the difference between a President Hillary Clinton and a President Donald Trump, Japan was happily easing into the idea of a strong relationship with the Republican nominee.

There was even a slightly terrifying Trump commercial. The product it is selling isn’t clear at all, but the burgeoning Japanese Trump obsession is painfully obvious.

But while both Trump and his daughter Ivanka seem to be forging important inroads with the Pacific powerhouse (Ivanka’s even been rumored as a potential U.S. Ambassador to Japan), it’s actually Barron Trump—Donald’s 10-year-old son with wife Melania—who’s is commanding all the attention.

The Japanese have declared Barron a “bishonen” or “beautiful boy”—a male character in Japanese manga that has such delicate and lovely features that his sheer beauty transcends gender-normative stereotypes. Barron, on the Japanese Internet, is known as the a bishonen idol and a paragon of the concept.

He’s even getting his own manga, where the sweet boy struggles with his life in the spotlight. In one of the introductory frames, Barron is shown behind his famous father, bemoaning living in his shadow (and the “sexy” shadow of his mother and half-sister).

“My loud, annoying dad is president, so the quiet unassuming life I wanted is completely over,” he says.

The photo comes from a clip of him nearly falling asleep during Trump’s 3 a.m. victory speech the morning after Election Day.

The Japanese even like that his name is Barron, which sounds a little like bishonen. On Japanese television on Election night, they fawned over the grammar schooler like they were a country of proud aunts and uncles, exclaiming over how tall Barron was for his young age.

He even has a (maybe more-than-slightly creepy) Japanese fan account on Twitter.

There isn’t precedent for declaring a 10-year-old a U.S. ambassador, but Donald Trump seems to care little for the traditional trappings of the Presidency. Barron may be the perfect person to handle American relations with the Japanese—even more so than Ivanka. Provided, of course, he can perform his duties from his home in New York City, after school, and before bedtime.