America has never had such a conflicted president as we have in Donald J. Trump. He’s not just conflicted because he can’t control his sexual urges enough to act like a grown man–on that basis alone, he shouldn’t be in charge of anything, yet alone the largest government in the world. No, he’s conflicted because the number of business conflicts that surround the 45th President of the United States are immense and unprecedented.

The American people spoke, and they voted for Donald Trump–although I would argue they did so without knowing what they actually did–and so we must now accept that a man who abuses women, his employees and just anyone who looks at him the wrong way is going to be our next president.

So, at this point, there really is only one group of people who can limit the damage Trump can do to our beloved country: the press. The press needs to stop worrying about what their boss’ think and start doing their jobs–they need to make sure this fraud and con man of a president doesn’t get everything he wants, because if he does, we all lose.