As I have commented before, Trump is a master of throwing so much ‘stuff’ at the public, we really cannot figure out what his intentions are or what he truly believes in. Although my gut feeling, from what I have observed, is that there really are just two things Donald Trump cares about:

1. He craves as much attention from the general public as he possibly can get, regardless of how he gets it.

2. He has a pathological need to get revenge on anyone whom he feels has crossed him, even if they wrote something about him on Twitter he didn’t like.

We could discuss for days why those two qualities should disqualify someone for becoming the President of the United States, but it seems that is now a moot point. So, now that we are ‘stuck,’ it seems, with a President Trump, we must confront the fact that in less than two months, we will have a president with an unprecedented and dangerous ability to use the government of the people to enrich his personal fortunes. This is simply not OK, unless one wants to live in a country like Russia instead of the United States of America.