This is just insane, that we have a president-elect, Donald Trump, who knows so little about how the government works, yet alone how he would manage it to maximum efficiency and to the benefit of the American people. First, let’s just get the typical Republican talking point out of the way: they like to say government is bad and it should be eliminated. That is the most absurd idea ever expressed by anyone who lives in America and has benefited from safe roads, fire, police and medical services when they have been most in need, and that’s just the tip of the importance government serves in the United States.

Trump is learning on the job, but starting at the first-grade level, rather than the high school level, and we all should be concerned about that. He said just recently that ‘torture works, folks,’ but reversed himself after speaking to a general, probably for the first time in his life, when he then said that, actually he has changed his mind about torture.

Come on, any regular American citizen who has been paying attention and has been engaged in what is going on in the world can see from Trump’s reversal on torture that they know more than he does. This is completely unacceptable for the leader of the free world.