There are just days remaining in which Hillary Clinton can call for a recount. I hope with all my heart she does. This must be done, not only for the outcome of this election, but for every election America will have in years to come.

I do not believe all the polls were wrong — virtually every major poll called for Hillary’s victory, only differing by how much. These are professionals and they all agreed that Hillary was winning.

I believe Hillary won, and not just by the popular vote, by which she is crushing Trump: a two million vote lead so far, with more to come.

I think Secretary Clinton won the electoral college as well, and by rights should be President-Elect.

There are numerous reasons why the election results could be inaccurate.

Electronic hacking.

Too few voting sites in counties with lots of Democrats.

But the biggest reason for a recount is the cross-check technique invented by Kris Kobach, who now is part of President-Elect Trump’s Transition team.

What if hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — of votes were simply not allowed?

The Kobach cross-check method is to challenge voters with similar names, denying hundreds of thousands of votes in close elections.

John J. Carpenter’s name is similar to John P. Carpenter, so the assumption is made that here is a person voting twice. Middle initial difference is not enough — NOTE: the Social Security number is not automatically checked. If it was, the hundreds of thousands of votes challenged by the Kobach method would probably not exist at all.

And here is the trick — because vote tampering is a federal crime, the Kobach method is kept secret — because supposedly all those voters are being tried for a federal crime (they are not).

As long as the Kobach cross-checking method is allowed, elections can be stolen forever and we will never find out. We will not be allowed to investigate the rigged results.

It is crucial there be recounts in every state with even a suggestion of foul play.

What do we risk? Inconvenience? If the election is clean, Trump still wins. But if the election was actually rigged, and the wrong person is put in office?

Our future depends on America’s electoral system; it must be clean and reliable. We need to know if Donald Trump was the actual choice of the people of America.

I urge Secretary Clinton to mount a recall effort.

America deserves no less.