BREAKING NEWS: ACTIVE SHOOTER ALERT–Students told to shelter at Ohio State University



DEVELOPING: At least one active shooter was reported on the campus of the Ohio State University Monday and as many as seven people were reportedly injured.

“Run Hide Fight,” the school tweeted at 9:56 a.m.

Campus police tweeted the same alert, and wrote in another tweet, “Continue to shelter in place. Avoid area of College.”

There was no official word on whether a shooting had taken place or if there were any injuries, but local reports said seven people were taken to an area hospital, including one said to be in critical condition.

The school’s newspaper, The Lantern, indicated in a tweet that someone was down.

“There’s at least one body bag present in front of Koffolt Labs,” read the tweet. “OSU police still advising to take shelter. Situation not under control.”

The school paper also tweeted that there may be a second assailant.

Tim Moody, associate editor of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin, tweeted that seven p[eople were taken to area hospitals, including one in critical condition.

One student who spoke to WBNSFox News Channel from her hiding place in a restroom said the situation was frightening.

“I’m a little shaken up at first,” Cydney Ireland told the station. “I do feel safe based off the room I’m in.

“It’s absolutely surreal,” she said.

The sprawling, 58,000-student main campus in downtown Columbus is one of the nation’s largest.

Fox News contributor Rod Wheeler, a former Washington DC homicide detective and an OSU alum, said the school’s police department is highly trained.

“People don’t need to panic,” he said, adding that those in hiding should stay put and switch their cell phones to vibrate.