Sometimes, sociopaths’ insatiable need for vindication and glory comes back to bite them. Donald Trump has just declared the 2016 election illegitimate.

Trump has claimed that millions of people voted illegally. Since there is no way of knowing for whom they cast these illegal ballots, it is just as possible that Trump benefited from them as Hillary.

Consider those who have been told by their dear Leader that the vote is going to be rigged, whose feelings of being cheated out of their birthright the Leader has validated, and who feel strongly that 11 million undocumented people should be deported and a wall built closing off return.

Trump even voiced the idea of his supporters voting more than once at his rallies.

Indeed, thusfar, the only voter whom we know committed fraud was a Trump supporter who said she was motivated by fear of her vote not being properly counted.

Now consider whether someone who has been living in the shadows for a decade is likely to vote illegally. Given the risk of discovery, it would seem quite unlikely he would take the risk not only of being caught in a crime, but to be deported forever. Moreover, the justice system is much more likely to treat harshly a non-citizen than a citizen who votes illegally. [Want to bet that Trump’s fraudulent voters never go to jail?]

Trump’s millions of illegal voters are, therefore, likely to be just that: Trump’s voters.

I am not one who believes that the electoral college ought to substitute lightly its judgment for the expressed will of the people, as defined by our Constitution as one who receives the majority in the states with 270 electoral vote, just because I do not like the policies or even the people the president-in-waiting is likely to choose.

But, the Framers did have in mind an elected group of people who could exercise a sober second-thought about the fitness of a candidate for office in its fullest sense.

The reasons why the Electoral College should take very seriously its Constitutional role to exercise independent judgment, and not just be a rubber stamp, in this election are piling up.

Since Trump himself has questioned the legitimacy of the entire election, the Electoral College should feel even more justified in exercising its sober second-thought.