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I couldn’t have said it better than did Allen Clifton:

Never in my life have I been embarrassed to be an American; however, at least for this moment, I am. I cannot believe I live in a country that has elected a self-admitted, pathologically dishonest sociopath as president. A man who’s so mentally unhinged he had to have his Twitter access taken away from him in the days leading up to the election out of fear that he might say something that would hurt his chances at victory.

This is all absolutely surreal. While I never said it couldn’t happen, in the back of my mind I always had enough faith in Americans that I never thought it would. But you know what, fine. Republicans, you wanted Donald Trump, well, you got him. It kills me to think of the fear millions of Americans are feeling right now, but there’s also another part of me that says, you know what, I’m glad these Trump people are getting exactly what they wanted.

If these knuckle-dragging, vile, racist, bigoted, ignorant bottom-feeding morons want a Trump presidency — a real Trump presidency (not those bullshit lies he sold during his campaign) — then that’s exactly what they’re going to get. While all these Trump supporters celebrate electing the most shameful candidate in this country’s history, they’re about to learn that they won’t be able to “meme” their way through just how awful the next four years are going to be.

There’s no conspiracy blog that’s going to be able to spin the disaster that’s about to engulf the United States. There’s not going to be any denying what an absolute embarrassment Donald Trump is going to be for this country. The GOP put party over country… that’s fine. They just helped elect the man who’s going to spend the next four years not only wreaking havoc in this country, but destroying their party, as well. If they thought Trump the “GOP presidential nominee” was a dumpster fire — just wait. As the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for.”

Well, that’s never been more true than right now. For decades the Republican party has pandered to the worst parts of our society. The racists, the bigots, the prejudiced, the hateful, the ignorant — and they finally won. After over a half century of appealing to some of the most deplorable people in this country, Republicans elected the exact type of candidate people like David Duke, the KKK and white nationalists have been hoping for. Donald Trump is the culmination of decades of right-wing hate, lies, conspiracies and propaganda finally succeeding.

A person who is such an unbelievable disgrace, even his own party did its best to keep as distant from him as possible because they were terrified of what aligning too closely with him might do to their own careers. The GOP just helped elect a man it didn’t want as its nominee, was ashamed to fully embrace as its candidate and was seemingly hoping that he wouldn’t win because even many Republicans know that he’s woefully unfit and unqualified to be president.

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