I am like anyone who loves my home and making home improvements, or even buying a newer and better home. That’s why when Donald Trump was elected president, I turned off the news and turned on HGTV. That network has been–up until yesterday–my safe haven from all of the racist and bigoted ugliness ushered in by the impending Trump administration. Let’s face it, when you buy and renovate a new home, the last thing you care about is politics.

After two days of watching HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper, I learned that the two hosts of the show, I then learned that Chip and Joanna Gaines are devout members of an anti-gay church. Boy, did my heart sink, to a level I hadn’t felt since I was a gullible and carefree teenager. They seemed so loving and caring, not just about each other, but about all of those around them. I will admit, I sometimes wondered what their political leanings were, because underneath the smiles, funny jokes and wisecracks, I secretly questioned their beliefs. This shouldn’t be an issue, but they often had clients wanting to do ‘home schooling’ which has always been a reference in my mind, to home bigotry.

Well, the truth has come out, and I will have to deal with the fact that I can no longer watch that show, because Chip and Joanna are apparently the bigots we all despise.