I never thought I would see the day that America, the place where families like mine found ‘solace’ and ‘freedom’ from their home countries where those words were banned. But here we are, at a time when America has become nothing but a vessel for the rich and powerful to keep using the tired and poor people to make the rich people even richer.

This is demonstrably sick and twisted and sadly, it is the new America. America has become a place where all that really matters is how much money you can make–even if you screw the tired and poor to make it–and how much attention you can get, regardless if what you do to get it hurts large swaths of people.

As we usher in the new era of Trump takers, we see this plan has come to full fruition. How sad, because not only does it mean that the poor, and I mean poor, fools who elected Trump to get them out of their respective holes are only going to get poorer, as their idol gets even richer by conning them all.