Let’s start with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s vastly wealthy leader with zero business background. He has been rumored to be perhaps the richest man in the world, and the UK’s Mirror explained that eyebrow-raising phenomenon this way, earlier this year:

In the gangster state that is Putin’s Russia, rumour has it he has turned colossal corruption into an art form.

For years, critics have whispered of his shady “mafia-style” labyrinth of personal connections and deals – an inner circle designed to unscrupulously rake in the big bucks.

And this week, the US Treasury joined them, for the first time openly accusing Putin of corruption and embezzling state funds to amass a huge personal wealth. This is said to include a billion dollar palace, and a £25million yacht, Olympia, claimed to have been given to Putin by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, one of many super-rich friends it is said the president back scratches in return for the same.

Putin's lavish palace.

Putin’s lavish palace.

From a purely anecdotal sense, it is easy to see how both Trump and Putin love to sit on gold-encrusted chairs and walk through golden gates to make grand entrances. They both just love gold. It almost seems as though they bond over that common trait.

But the real problem here is that if Donald Trump bonds with Putin over how to get that gold–steal it, in other words–US citizens are in as much, if not more, trouble than the citizens of Russia who have been fleeced for decades. Knowing Trump’s history of cheating workers and contractors out of their pay and that he simply declares bankruptcy when he actually owes money to people should concern every single American citizen.