Donald Trump will soon (in theory) be able to send text messages to every single cell phone in America at once ― whether citizens like it or not.

And “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is afraid, given the president-elect’s reputation for Twitter rants.

Here’s the deal, you legally don’t have to follow his tweets, you can unfollow Trump, delete Twitter, go into the world, live your life,” the comedian said Thursday night.

“But the bad news is, starting January 20, Donald Trump can send unblockable mass text messages to the entire nation,” he added. “The only person I would trust less with that technology is Anthony Weiner.

Colbert said people could block most Wireless Emergency Alerts when they regarded issues such as missing persons or natural disasters.

But ones that the president issues? Nope. They would always be delivered.

“If Trump wants you to know what he thinks about the cast of ‘Hamilton?’ You will listen,” Colbert added, before pondering why President Barack Obama hadn’t issued a single WEA during his eight years in office.

Check out the full monologue above.