How many times have we heard members of the media (other than yours truly), make a statement like ‘who knows what Trump will do, he is completely unpredictable?’ The answer is: always. I am not sure why so many presumably intelligent and astute professionals think this, but it sure is the overwhelming sentiment among the political pundits.

I have a completely different take on the president-elect. In my opinion, Trump is totally predictable. Now, in order to see that, one must understand what drives the man. I think you can boil down what drives Donald J. Trump into just two main precepts:

1) Donald Trump seeks adoration and acceptance from all those around him. His rallies highlight this particular personality trait. At any given one of them–and he is still doing them after the election–you can watch him elaborate on anything that seems to get cheers. He may spout lies about the particular topic, but the more cheers, the more lies and he just doesn’t seem to care he is doing that.

2) Donald Trump seeks revenge on anyone who won’t give him that adoration. And that goes for the person who welded the steel on one of his towers who later criticized him in public, to a man who ran against him, arguably as his biggest foe, to the point where he has encouraged Mitt Romney to make the biggest fool of himself anyone could in an effort to get a job from Trump that Trump never had any intention of offering Romney.

When you realize that these are Donald Trump’s guiding principles, you can’t help but also conclude that Donald Trump is completely predictable, you just have to understand how he operates.