Jenna takes on KKK



Jenna Jameson, who recently converted to Judaism, has gotten herself in a Twitter battle with ex-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

The former porn star — who supported Donald Trump in his successful presidential bid — tweeted Sunday that she had a crush on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu.

“It’s so apparent Trump and [Netanyahu] are going to be great friends…. I have to admit I have a massive crush on @netanyahu,” Jameson wrote.

She also tweeted that Netanyhu is a “badass” and that his wife Sarah is a “very lucky woman.”

In response to Jameson, Duke tweeted “Jews dominate porn – why are ‘Christians’ ok with that?”

Jameson was not happy with Duke’s tweet and said she’d “prefer [David Duke] never utter my name.”

Jameson announced last year she was converting to Judaism after becoming engaged to Israeli diamond dealer Lior Bitton. The couple are expecting their first child together in April.