There’s a fine line between Twitter use and Twitter abuse, and Donald Trump knows he’s crossed that line on multiple occasions.

Earlier this year, Ben Carson, former doctor and current Trump surrogate, discussed the GOP front-runner’s tweeting woes with Florida radio host Joyce Kaufman.

“I hope that somebody closes that Twitter account, really,” Kaufman lamented.

“Well, I think he will come to understand,” Carson replied. “We talk about it, and a number of people have talked about it, including his family. And he knows that it’s a problem. And the first part of solving the problem is recognizing that it exists.”

“And surrounding yourself with people you trust, when they tell you: This has to change,” Kaufman added.

Yet even as recently as this week, Trump took to Twitter, as did some members of his team to make fun of the fact that Trumped was duped into taking a call from the president of Taiwan last week. It didn’t even seem to matter to Team Trump that China filed a formal complaint against Trump’s actions in communicating with Taiwan.

In fact, just today, a Trump adviser said ‘screw China‘ if they don’t like it that Trump contacted Taiwan. Considering Trump has not even taken office yet and he cannot seem to restrain himself from fueling his ego with reckless and dangerous Twitter rants and inappropriate conversations with world leaders, we must all take pause and make sure this loser doesn’t destroy our beloved country.