So let’s start with Rudy Giuliani and go from there. Have we ever seen such a collection of hateful and untalented people ride the elevators at Trump Tower in hope of being lifted up to a position in the U.S. Government they should never have in the first place?

I started with Rudy Giuliani because he claims to be ‘America’s Mayor,’ you know the one who made $100 million by exploiting the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil which occurred in the city he ran, N.Y.C. under his watch. Yet he still seems to think he should become the person in charge of U.S. relations with other countries as our newest secretary of state.

And of course, the list goes on, from Mitt Romney, to Sarah Palin, to Chris Christie to goodness knows who is next. We all know Trump loves the power his tower gives him, but the problem here is that all his tower is doing is nothing but attract a bigger bunch of swamp monsters, when the swamp needs fewer inhabitants, not more.