I will be the first person to admit that I fell in love with Trump’s tower, namely Trump Tower. My parents ‘taught’ me to love money and those who make it, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I read The Art of the Deal in five hours at the age of fifteen.

Considering I was also diagnosed with ADD and OCD, that was quite a feat. But I so wanted to own my own tower–on fifth avenue, no less–so I was willing to read that book, anyway, and I did it in five hours. My father was shocked that I read a book, any book, in such a short period of time. I told him about my ‘tower’ complex and he decided to accept it.

My father was a Republican and because of Trump’s tower, I became one, too. At least on paper. But as I ventured out into the ‘real world’ I realized what a mistake I had made.