Oh, yes, the good old days, at least as I remember them–granted, I am showing by age my admitting this–but there was never a family quite like the Ewing’s of Dallas fame. They were rich, sold oil to anyone or any country that would pay the highest price, and they had a lust for power that would make it OK to kill other family members when profits were in sight.

I am not sure why I had this flashback about the show I used to love when I saw this image of Trump’s ‘entourage,’ but perhaps the similarities are more obvious than I had ever thought.

The only difference I can see is that, at least, the Ewing’s had some members who cared about integrity and how the lower class lived. But not the Trump’s: not only do they want to take anything the lower class has, they don’t care at all that as they do, they will destroy the fabric of America.