GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann doesn’t just think the United States is at war with Russia — he thinks the U.S. has already “lost a war with Russia without a battle.” In a clip of The Resistance posted Monday, Olbermann argued that — thanks to the election of President-elect Donald Trump — “we are not longer a sovereign nation, we are no longer a democracy, we are no longer a free people — we are the victims of a bloodless coup.”

What’s particularly alarming about the situation, Olbermann said, is that when Russian hackers allegedly breached the Democratic National Committee, they also reportedly broke into the Republican National Committee. While DNC emails were released, nothing at all was leaked from the alleged RNC hack. “It is a short leap from that conclusion, and it is anything but a conspiracy theory, to be wondering if the Russians hacked the RNC and have kept what they found there to make sure Trump and the Republicans obeyed,” Olbermann said.

The window for reversing this impending disaster is closing fast, Olbermann warned. Either U.S. officials tell Americans the “unvarnished, unprocessed, unredacted truth about this coup” immediately, or we hand the country over to a man Olbermann says “is not a president — he is a puppet.”

Watch Olbermann’s brutal rant about the “Russian coup” below. Becca Stanek