MEET TRUMP’S SECRETARY OF STATE PICK Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson has come under fire for his close ties to Russia. Tillerson was awarded the country’s Order of Friendship in 2013Senators John McCainand Marco Rubio both voiced their doubts about the pick. [Paige Lavender, HuffPost]

EXECUTIONS IN ALEPPO AS CITY ‘NEARS TOTAL COLLAPSE’ As the Syrian military advances on the “final pocket of rebel resistance,” executions are happening in the streets. [Reuters]

NORTH DAKOTA OIL PIPELINE SPILLS 176,000 GALLONS A mere 150 miles from the Standing Rock protests against the Dakota Access pipeline. [Michael McLaughlin, HuffPost]

TRUMP TWEETS HIS SONS WILL TAKE OVER BUSINESS, EXECUTE ‘NO NEW DEALS’ The tweets did not address the conflicts of interest between the Trump Organization and the presidency. [Christina Wilkie, HuffPost]

A NEW DAY FOR FOOD STAMPS Stores that accept food stamps must sell fresh produce and whole grains under new U.S. Department of Agriculture rules. [Emily Tate, HuffPost]

10 MEMBERS OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE HAVE CALLED FOR AN INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING ON RUSSIA AND TRUMP “The bipartisan group made their case to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in an open letter Monday, arguing that the information is essential to their duties as electors who are tasked to ‘elect a president who is constitutionally qualified and fit to serve.’” [Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost]

HILLARY CLINTON’S LOSS IS SPURRING A NEW GENERATION OF WOMEN TO RUN FOR OFFICE Meet some of the women throwing their hats in the ring. [Emma Gray, HuffPost]

UBER EMPLOYEE: ‘YOU COULD STALK AN EX’ “Uber employees can readily access riders’ personal data, and many of them have used that ability to peek at the sensitive information of everyone from celebrities to ex-girlfriends, one former employee alleges.” Read his whole statementhere. [Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost]