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They’ve Had Their Say, Now Have Yours

Even the once-die hard supporters of Trump who now realize that Trump made a bunch of empty promises to get their votes–and he isn’t even the president yet–can’t change the results of this election.

Or can they? We don’t know if the current effort to convince the electoral voters to change their votes by December 19 in order to prevent Trump from entering the Oval Office will be successful, but if it is not, it doesn’t mean we have to lie down and accept an awful fate.

There are two very powerful forces that can make sure that a Trump administration doesn’t completely destroy the American dream of hope and a hand up: the press, and you.

The press needs to start doing its job in earnest and stop listening to their corporate bosses who don’t want things stirred up too much. And I say to that, it is about time.

You–and me–need to keep an eagle eye on every move made by the upcoming Trump administration, and if we don’t like it, we MUST contact Congress to make our feelings known and have a voice.