We’ve now learned that Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig confirms that there are 50 electors planning not to vote for Donald Trump on December 19th. Two weeks ago, I reported that 15 Republican electors were planning to defect, based on what a personal source told me. The next day, I explained that a second source confirmed this very statement, although not the specific number of 15. This Monday, I said that the number had grown to 20. Now, Lawrence Lessig is corroborating this.

Even if these faithless electors fail, and the House does pick Trump, this builds the historic anti-mandate against him. Those claiming this is a moot point are wrong. If we achieve a historic protest of this measure, which further grows the anti-mandate against Trump, it still serves a purpose: as a precedent. A precedent for blocking the impending lunacy that Trump will instate over the next four years.