The debate continues: Did the Russians hack the Democrats’ computers to help Donald Trump?

I answered this one a long time ago. Yes, the Russians did but through surrogates who probably resided in Bulgaria. And the goal was likely less to help Trump than to hurt Hillary Clinton — a splitting of hairs, I know, but an important distinction in the motive that I’ll address in a minute.

The CIA now agrees with me and said so in a recent report. And the CIA’s determination is apparently making the Democrats feel better about themselves — because something other than their own incompetence helped them lose the presidency. But it is also making them angry.

Let’s go back to what I wrote in columns this past summer — based on information that was being passed on to me through a very reliable source I have in the intelligence community.

The Russians not only hacked the computers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and had the e-mails released through WikiLeaks, but also got into the computers of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The RNC e-mails weren’t released, causing the Democrats to whine “no fair.” I wrote about all of this in the summer — including the RNC hack — but it’s just now coming out from others.

Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mails were also hacked. But the hackers, as I wrote, got those because she was careless when using her BlackBerry on a Russian trip. Her password was stolen, so she was easy pickings.

Those personal e-mails never came out, which is the only thing that shocked me during the campaign. Hillary’s private e-mails— both to and from — would have been full of embarrassing personal details and would have made her even more unelectable.

Congress now wants a bipartisan investigation. Good luck with that.

But there’s an easy way to find out what went on. Congress should ask the National Security Agency (NSA), which I wrote was hacking the Russians while the Russians were hacking the us.

Clinton’s e-mails were supposed to come out in what WikiLeaks called the Fourth Phase of its dump. Why didn’t that happen? Just a guess, but American intelligence agencies probably put a stop to it because of national security concerns.