Stop blaming all of the symptoms of America’s dysfunction on ‘fake news.’ Fake news would never be considered ‘news’ if people didn’t consume it.

Our standards have been dropped so low that we no longer care if a president understands anything about the Constitution, how it works or the fact that America became America because an oppressed people wanted freedom. And God forbid the president may actually know something about world history and foreign relations.

In some ways, democracy is our biggest enemy because it allows those who never really worked hard to learn about anything have the power to decided who is actually in power. I say this in jest because I really believe in democracy, but I also believe that those who participate in it have a responsibility to know what and who they are voting for.

Maybe I am biased because I have had the opportunity to manage, hire and fire hundreds of people in my career, but in doing so I have learned that without standards, my efforts would have been meaningless.

The bottom line: you cannot hire someone for the highest job in the land who has absolutely no qualifications for that job. If you do, your enterprise will fail miserably.