Chip and Joanna Gains don’t approve of gays and Tarek and Christina have been filming ‘family’ Christmas commercials under the tree while dating others.

Talk about toying with viewers’ emotions–and regligious beliefs, for that matter. I will admit that as I watched the so very well produced holiday commercials for HGTV’s hit shows ‘Flip or Flop’ and ‘Fixer Upper,’ where the shows stars are sitting in front of the tree, swinging their kids on their shoulders, I longed for the days when my family did that very same thing.

It appears the only family offense Chip and Joanna Gaines from ‘Fixer Upper’ have made against the acceptance of all family is that they attend a church that believes gays are sick and should be ‘fixed.’

However, Tarek and Christina El Moussa of  ‘Flip or Flop,’ who have also been sitting in front of the Christmas tree with their kids in loving embraces for the last month or so present an even bigger problem for the network. They broke up in May of this year after Tarek was hunted down by police because of a report of ‘domestic disturbance’ and the cops found him gun in hand, saying he was ‘just blowing off steam.’

Even worse, we learned, just today, that after this incident, the couple admits that since May, Tarek has been dating their nanny and Christina has been dating a developer friend. Merry Christmas HGTV, but it is time to stop pretending your stars are models of social perfection and to start focusing on what you are good at, home buying, selling and renovations.