Even if we forgive President-elect Donald Trump of all the lofty promises he made in order to get elected–building a Mexican-U.S.border, banning all Muslims, suing the media, etc., etc.–Trump has a job to do that is bigger than anyone in history has had before them.

The world is in a state of flux and disarray, Russia and China are licking their chops at the idea a weak U.S. leader is about to take control and the U.S. economy has just finished an eight-year run that can’t afford to hit ground now.

Trump needs to forget about all of those shallow, fake promises he made just to get elected and shift into the role of president. There is so much at stake here and I think so many Americans got lulled into a fake sense of security because we have had such a steady leader for the last eight years.

Trump, the world is literally on your shoulders right now and we need you to perform. You cannot screw this up by being selfish, greedy and petty.