What happened to Trump’s famed ‘Make America Great Again’ ball cap? Now the cap just reads ‘USA.’ That’s what we call in politics, a ‘pivot.’

See, here’s how it works: first tell potential voters everything they want to hear so you can get them to vote for you; then tell them that you really hate your opposition, almost as much as you hate the devil; then, when you get elected, simply pretend all those positions you held aren’t really positions, as such, they are just a way of communicating with your like kind.

Once you seal the deal, you realize that you now have to deliver results or your people won’t love you anyomore. So wearing a cap that reads ‘Make America Great Again’ when you are trying to win the trust of troubled Americans gets votes, but it also becomes a liability when you win and it turns into a promise.

Trump has not even taken office and he has already bailed on the grand promise of his campaign.