Donald Trump has made it known, quite well, for that matter, that he hates being ‘scrooged,’ which really means he hates being criticized. And let’s face it, we all hate that, but we all aren’t the President of the United States. So, when I watched the latest SNL ‘Cold Open,’ I laughed at the point when Alec Baldwin, playing Donald Trump, thought he was being ‘scrooged,’ because all I could think of was how Trump has ‘scrooged’ America.

Trump has ‘scrooged’ America because he has filled his cabinet with a ton of billionaires who made their money by ‘scrooging’ Americans all the way to the bank.

We have to accept that ‘Scrooge’ is now the President of the United States, but we don’t have to accept that he has a right to steal our dreams, because he doesn’t.