It has just been reported by Occupy Democrats that Trump’s companies are more intertwined with ugly Russian forces than we had known before:

The list of troubling relationships between Donald Trump and numerous foreign nationals is getting too long to list – from Argentina to Japan to Kuwait to the Filipino trade envoy for his literally homicidal leader, Rodrigo Duterte.

This week, the Democratic Coalition uncovered two Trump companies registered in Cyprus, the tax haven and money laundering island serving Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs. Senior advisor Scott Dworkin released the information on Trump’s Cyprus shell companies for the Democratic Coalition via Twitter as part of his #TrumpLeaks investigations.

Trump’s ownership of a pair of offshore companies in Cyprus raises the most direct link yet exposed to the Russian oligarch class. An additional 250 Trump named companies in Russia discovered by the Dworkin Report in November. Donald Trump has an extensive business presence on a Mediterranean island with major Russian ties and he just made a Cabinet appointment of the Vice Chair of the island’s largest bank.

It’s too late to stop Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States, but not at all too late to watch this new president like an eagle and call him out every single time he damages the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms we have earned through hard work and even death.