McDonald’s sued over prices?



If there’s one thing all Americans can count on in this crazy world, it’s that a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal will deliver exactly what it promises: extra value.

Or so we thought. An Illinois bus driver is suing McDonald’s and a local franchisee for tarnishing the Extra Value Meal name, reports the Daily Herald.

James Gertie filed the lawsuit, which he hopes will go class action, Dec. 13 after realizing his $5.90 two-cheeseburger Extra Value Meal cost 41 cents more than just buying two cheeseburgers, fries, and a drink separately, according to the Cook County Record.

“The reason that I am doing this is not about the 41 cents,” Gertie tells the Daily Herald. “It’s because of the principle.” The lawsuit states Gertie bought a two-cheeseburger Extra Value Meal from at least five suburban Chicago McDonald’s locations in October and November, and each time it was 41 cents more expensive than the a la carte option.

He tells WLS-AM that he also went to 25 other McDonald’s locations just to compare prices, finding that many were charging the exact same price for the two options.

He doesn’t think McDonald’s should be able to get away with such blatant false advertising, with the lawsuit stating the meal deal is clearly “no ‘value’ at all, let alone an ‘extra value.'” Gertie is seeking reimbursement for all customers “overcharged” for the two-cheeseburger Extra Value Meal.

Customers have also sued Chipotle over “300-calorie burrito.”

This article originally appeared on Newser: Man Sues McDonald’s Over Extra Value Meal That Isn’t