Donald Trump seems to think a Tweet about how America needs to re-start the long-dead nuclear arms race is a good thing to do. Apparently, he has zero understanding of how, and why, the world stopped the nuclear arms race, with the U.S. leading that way, because, perhaps, he just wants to prove what a very big man he thinks he is.

And that is the very big problem: Trump seems to be lacking in I.Q. level, especially when it comes to the ability to analyze and understand the reason we stopped the nuclear arms race in the first place. Let’s be real, no country or its leader really wants to create an Armageddon, because that would mean we all lose. Yet Trump clearly doesn’t realize that as President of the United States, games and war are two very different things.

Look, Kellyanne Conway is great at explaining away Trump’s disaster of a soon-to-be president, but even she, ‘master illusionist’ as she is, can’t change the fact that America is standing at the precipice of total destruction.