Alec Baldwin hasn’t left much to the imagination regarding his feelings on President-elect Donald Trump, but he’s now revealed the motivation behind his vocal criticisms.

The actor and “Saturday Night Live” Trump impersonator told The New York Times that he doesn’t hate him, he just wishes he would not be the president.

“I’m here doing a show,” Baldwin said in an article published Friday. “I’m a performer, an actor that’s here doing a show. It’s a great part.”

“I don’t hate him,” Baldwin added. “I want him to enjoy his life. I just want him to not be the president of the United States — as quickly as possible.”

While many people now look forward to Saturday nights with a high-energy Baldwin take on Trump, the president-elect himself is not much of a fan.

Most recently, Baldwin and the “SNL” cast of took aim at retiring Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for secretary of state, played by surprise guest John Goodman. And on Friday morning, Baldwin tweeted his idea for an entertaining Trump inauguration, offering to perform AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell.”